Hello everyone.  now I share my experience with you.  many srilankans struggling to withdraw money to srilanka . now its srilankan government not accepting paypal money inside so
many freelancer and other person paypal users can't receive payment from them so
now we are able get payment from paypal just do it what I say


1  create phillipines paypal account

2  add your address and phone number don't enter srilanka state or zip code

3 choose srilankan nationality

4  give phillipines zip code and state name

5  now you are created paypal account successfully

6 now add your srilankan international support visa or master card

7  paypal will take small money from your card for verification purpose  they refund it after verify your paypal account

8  after email and visa or master card verification you can withdraw money to srilanka

9  visa card or master card withdrawal minimum 10 usd so you need minimum $10 to withdrawal

10  every transaction amount will credit from paypal to bank account with in 3 days

I will adding 2 video clips to how to create phillipines account and how to withdraw money from paypal all information available in this video don't avoid this video because I will practically shown how to withdraw money to srilankan bank account so watch that video


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